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Disclaimer: I do not own My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. It belongs to The Hub, Hasbro, Studio B, and Lauren Faust. I do not own any of these characters in any way or how, nor do I claim ownership to the pony franchise. These characters are simply my toys.


After The Gala

It was only twenty minutes after Princess Celestia had left Donut Joe's donut shop that it had become quite apparent that there were only five ponies and a baby dragon giggling and laughing about how awful the Grand Galloping Gala had been, and playfully joking with each other on Pinkie's singing of "Pony Pokey" or Fluttershy's rampage.

Spike blinked as he counted five ponies.  Twilight, Fluttershy, Pinkie, Rainbow, and Applejack, however it seemed his perfect princess had vanished into thin air.  He mentally kicked himself for not realizing she had walked off, his eyes should have ALWAYS been on her.

"A-And then, I caught that pony and kicked him off a second later!" Rainbow Dash laughed as she told of how she had constantly tried to get the Wonderbolt's attention.  Spike had only been half paying attention to the conversation as he glanced at the donut that hadn't been nibbled on with an empty seat behind it.  He shook his head and got down from his chair, trying not to notify his friends since they seemed to be having a great time with themselves.

He glanced at the door and saw a hoof print covered in frosting right outside the door.  His mind flashed to Rarity being covered in frosting.  He glanced behind him one final time at his laughing filly friends as he pushed the door open.  "Rarity?" He called, slightly worried for his crush.

A scent suddenly hit his nose and he breathed in deeply.  It wasn't the smell of deep-frying donuts, nor was it the perfume of angry people walking out of the Gala's entrance a mile away in groups, but it was the scent of perfume mixed with frosting.  His face split into a slightly drunken smile as a heart flew over his head as he half-walked, half floated toward the scent which led behind the donut shop.  The shop was on the edge of Canterlot, so it was nothing but a forest for a mile or so until reaching a cliff.

He got to the back of the shop and saw Rarity, her mane ruffled and her dress ruined, yet she was still the most perfect pony in the world in his eyes.  He was about to run forward and bid to her every command when he heard her voice.

"Ew, icky!" She complained, her hoof going down her dress side, only for the frosting to be smeared everywhere "Do you know how much this cost to make?" She yelled at nopony in particular, maybe just to the ruined Gala itself.

Spike took a few steps forward "Rarity?" He asked once more, resisting the urge to call her 'most beautiful one'.  She whipped around and stared at the baby dragon for a few minutes "Oh, it's only you Spike," she said, grumbling to herself as the frosting only smeared more on the expensive gown "I suppose the others are worried about me?"

Spike shook his head "N-No… their all still laughing…" He said "Are you… are you alright?" he asked, genuine worry in his tone.

"Oh of course," She said sarcastically, rolling her mascara-covered eyes "Who wouldn't be happy after having your dreams crushed right before you?"  She shook her head "Sorry to dump all of this on you darling, it's just so frustrating!" She growled, kicking her hoof down on the ground, only to wince at the dirt.

Spike glanced at her dress "Do you want me to clean that?" He asked.  Rarity raised a brow in suspicion "Can you do that, I tried water, I tried wiping it off, what can you do?"

"Easy!" Spike said, suddenly pulling out his tongue as Rarity gave a squeak of fear "N-No, not that, keep it away!" She cried, backing into a tree.  Spike let go of his tongue "No, don't worry, dragon's tongues have no germs, our fire kills them all whenever we breathe!" He said quickly, trying not to scare his crush.

Rarity narrowed her eyes, as if debating "Do you know this for a fact?"

"Yeah, Twilight even tested it once!" Spike said "No germs whatsoever!" He said.

Rarity whimpered slightly as she stepped forward and Spike took out his tongue and wrapped it once around her.  It was amazing how long it was.  He then suddenly pulled it and she felt herself be spun around several times before stopping and he caught her before she could fall.  He pulled his tongue in and smiled softly, patting his belly with the taste of frosting on his lips.

The unicorn was silent for several moments "Why… why I've never felt so clean in all my life!" She said in shock, her coat glistening like never before in the moonlight.  Spike chuckled "Anything else I can do for you princess?" he asked, hearts in his eyes.

Rarity smiled warmly at him, only causing his heart to flutter and beat faster than ever "I do suppose I owe you something… how about a pleasant stroll?" she asked, her accent beautiful.

Spike's head all but exploded hearts, which Rarity giggled at a bit.  She didn't seem as bossy as when he was her slave in the dress shop, more like she was treating him as an equal, even though it was obvious the dragon was head-over-heals for her.

Rarity was about to take a step forward when she gasped and took ten steps back.  Spike glanced down and saw a small puddle of mud.  A stroke of brilliance hit him and he took off his tux jacket and laid it on the mud so he was only wearing a white T-shirt and bow-tie "After you my lady!" He said.  Rarity looked at him strangely, recalling having to use her cloak so Prince Blueblood wouldn't slip on the tiny puddle of water.

She walked forward "Isn't this a rent?" She asked him.

The Dragon shrugged "Anything for you oh most beautiful one." He said, clasping his claws together as he blushed gently.  Rarity blinked several times and walked on the jacket "Thank you Spike, you might have just saved my life." She said.

Spike picked up the jacket and hung it on a nearby branch to grab for later, running to catch up to the lovely unicorn as she went back to the front of the donut shop.  As they walked through the street, Rarity couldn't help but notice the dragons smile and blushing toward her, it made her feel rather flattered.  The streets were abandoned, it was late and the only ponies around were flocking straight toward their homes.

"So, how was the gala for you, you didn't talk about it much." Spike said, fiddling with his claws gently.

Rarity slowed down a bit "Simply awful." She stated "Blueblood is the most selfish, idiotic, and prissy stallion I have met in my entire existence!" She stated, looking down slightly.  Spike looked and saw her mascara starting to spoil "W-What's wrong?" he asked.

"N-Nothing…" She said "It's just… I was about to give up everything, my shop, my friends, all for… for THAT!" Spike blinked, realizing she couldn't even call the prince a him she was so angry with the colt.

Spike saw a tear slip down Rarity's eyes and she squeezed them shut in order to not ruin her mascara any further.  Spike glanced around and saw a rose bush.  He quickly ran forward and back.  Rarity opened her teary eyes as she felt something be locked into her dress.  As her vision cleared she saw Spike, his tongue sticking out in concentration as he fiddled to get the rose locked into her dress.  When he finally did he smiled and looked up at her "It goes with your eyes." He said.  Rarity was taken aback, thinking Spike might have been spying at her at the Gala, yet he seemed to kindly come up with this on his own.

"It's stupid to think like that." Spike said, being honest with the unicorn "You shouldn't give up something you love just for the sake of falling in love, you love to make dresses and you love your friends don't you?" He asked.

Rarity nodded, sniffling slightly.

"Then you shouldn't think like he was everything, and you should never give up what you love, let it slide by, pretend it didn't happen if that helps… just please don't cry again it hurts to see you cry."  His spines went saggy, almost as if seeing the unicorn upset made him upset as well.

Rarity blushed gently without realizing it.  She stuck up her head "Spike, I should let you know it is improper to see a woman cry!" She stated, trotting forward as Spike blushed wildly in embarrassment "S-Sorry…" He mumbled.  For some reason Rarity didn't want him to know just how touched she was by that speech.

"Want me to make it up to you?" He asked worriedly "I-I'll buy you something if you want!"

"No, that is not needed." She said, her blush fading so she could now face him.  Spike was still blushing with his claws behind his back, looking a little hurt by his rejection.  She sighed "Spike, it is not that I don't want you to, it is just I don't want to take advantage of you." She said.

"But you aren't!" Spike said "My perfect princess, you deserve anything you want!"

Rarity held her hoof to her cheek as she blushed gently "I…" she paused a moment "I wish for you to take me someplace with the best view, if that will make you feel better."

Spike had to think for a moment "I…" He paused, tapping his claws on his tail.  He suddenly lit up and grabbed the unicorns leg and pulled gently "I know, follow me!"

The dragon gently pulled her into the woods "Spike, it's all icky in here!" She whined "I can't see anything but trees."

"Trust me on this," Spike said "My Princess."

Rarity blushed again, though this time it was too dark to bother to try and hide it.  She felt the scaly hand gently hold her coated arm as she was pulled gently.  Her hooves started to hurt after about five minutes of walking in the glass heels, and she thought about complaining once more until she was able to see a light up ahead.

"Close your eyes, will you?" Spike asked.

Rarity complied as Spike slowly pulled her along, guiding her past any kind of mud or branches she might trip on.  When she suddenly fest a gust of wind Spike said "Open them."

The marshmallow colored unicorn opened her eyes and gasped.  She was standing right on the edge of a cliff, the nighttime sky had more stars than she had seen in her entire life, all blazing with the full moon in the sky.  Her mouth was agape.  She had expected maybe a nice park or something, not this.  "Spike, however did you know about this place?"

Spike reddened "I… I didn't get along with ponies very well when I was little, it was hard for me to make friends, so I used to come here a lot just to think…" He sat down on the grass and looked down "I knew I was different, it took me a while to get used to the way high class ponies used to look at me…"

Rarity blinked slowly and glanced at the grass, feeling around a few moments before laying down herself next to the dragon and overlooking the city, she listened to the dragon with her ears fully erect.

"Everyone thought Celestia was crazy, for not killing me right away, it was a shock I came out at all when Twilight hatched me, somepony found me abandoned and took me to Canterlot for a quick buck, thinking I was a dud.  They all thought a dragon couldn't be tamed." He sighed before smiling "I showed them, huh?" He asked.  He suddenly blushed deeply "I'm… I'm rambling, aren't I?"

Rarity smiled warmly "Not at all, Why don't you come next to me Spike?" she asked.

Spike shook his head in confusion "W-Wait, me?" He asked, pointing to himself.

"Yes you, Darling," Rarity said.  Spike looked thrilled as he suddenly scooted next to Rarity, laying at her side and gently nuzzling her coat through the ripped dress.  Rarity smiled warmly down at him and gently took off her remaining three glass heels and rubbed her achy hooves.

Spike jumped "Allow me my lady!" He said, bowing slightly in his sitting position as he laid down near her back legs and began to gently massage her hooves.  The unicorn was about to say something about how it was improper for a gentlecolt, or in this case gentledragon, to touch a lady without permission.  But she suddenly groaned out in pleasure and laid her head down on her front legs.  "Spike, where did you learn to give such a great massage?" She asked, claws digging into the soft middle of her hooves in a way that was better than any spa she had visited in her entire life.

Spike shrugged, but then realized Rarity couldn't see him in the position he was in "Dunno," He mumbled improperly, but Rarity didn't feel like lecturing him on improper grammar at a time like this "Twilight used to pass out a lot during training with the princess, this always calmed her down when she woke up and she was really sore."

Rarity smiled larger and blushed gently "Whatever it is, you should work at a spa, I'd recommend you every time!"

"I'm already at your service my lady!" He said, holding a hand to his chest, switching hooves as Rarity shifted in pleasure once more.

Rarity cracked open her eyes open and glanced down off the cliff.  "Hold on, is that Ponyville?" she asked, pointing to a small city in the distance with several hundred apple trees nearby, likely Sweet Apple Acres.

Spike stopped his massaging as he sat up and glanced to where she was looking "Yeah!" He said, pointing to another city slightly closer "And… there's Manehatton!" he said, and then pointed to another city in the distance, yet it was quite large "And there is Fillydelphia!"

Rarity followed his claw-finger wherever it pointed and stared in awe at all the sights "You can see all of Equestria from this spot!" She said "Why isn't this a tourist attraction?"

Spike suddenly lowered his hand "Well… I'm kind of the only one who knows about it." He said, his face tinting red once more "Not even Twilight knew I came here, it's sort of… my secret place."

As the unicorn opened her mouth, she found herself having a sudden leap in her heart "I am honored… no… touched you chose to show me this place." She said.

"Anything for you princess." Spike said as Rarity suddenly reached out a leg and pulled him closer to her.

Rarity's own cheeks tinted in color once more.  She looked at him warmly as he couldn't keep eye contact with her he was so nervous at the moment.  Her dreams of having Blueblood as her Prince Charming suddenly seemed stupid.

"Spike, you have truly been tonight what Blueblood could never hope to be in all of his lifetime." Rarity said, lifting her head boldly.  Spike jumped and his purple cheeks tinted deeper "W-What's that?" He asked.

Rarity smiled warmly.  He was everything she wanted in Blueblood, and yet somehow better. "A prince." She whispered as she suddenly grabbed the dragons pudgy, scaly cheeks and before Spike could react, she pressed her muzzle against his scaly lips.  She could feel his tail squirm as his body relaxed and tightened at the same time.  He felt like he could either shoot straight to the moon or pass out in Rarity's arms.  He tried to pull away for air as suddenly Rarity's hooves pulled him in deeper and he felt something be scrapped against his scaly lips.  He was obviously inexperienced with kissing, but he somehow knew what to do.  His mouth opened and he used this moment to gasp for air as he shoved his long tongue into Rarity's mouth and began to gently lick the insides of her mouth as her tongue added to the fun.

When they finally broke, both were gasping for air, a thin trail of saliva connecting them before breaking as Rarity kissed his cheeks and forehead several times.  He could die, he could honestly happily die and regret nothing.

"My little Spikey-Wikey." She whispered when she finally stopped kissing him.

Spike's eyes widened as he took in what had just happened.  He must be dreaming, he had done nothing different than what anypony else would do… right?

"Rarity… I…" he whispered.

Rarity suddenly hugged him tightly and he blushed so deeply that he might have died if he didn't remember he required air to breathe.  

The unicorn started to nuzzle his spines and kiss his forehead as Spike blushed deeply, yet nuzzled her neck.  Both were silent for a few moments as they took in each other's scents.  He was confused, happy, yet confused.  However he stopped questioning himself when she kissed his nose once more.

"Thank you for being my Prince Charming." She whispered gently.  Her dreams of meeting a prince hadn't gone nearly as expected, nor had she thought she knew him all along, yet the thumping in her heart wouldn't leave her chest, and it certainly wasn't leaving the dragon who's heart was beating loud enough to reach Ponyville.

Spike blushed as Rarity kissed his lips again, and this time, it was his turn to pull her closer.


A/N: Meant to be silly, harmless, fluffy, fun.  I don't think I put as much effort into it as I usually do, but since it is only a OneShot I really don't care.
With her dreams crushed after the horrible night at the Grand Galloping Gala, Rarity leaves her friends to sulk in peace and quiet. However she finds her hopes of being alone are shattered as her little "Shadow" known as Spike follows her to cheer her up. In result, it seems that this little dragon is more of a prince than one might expect.

Sparity OneShot, meant to be fluffy and pointless.
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DoctorDash Featured By Owner Mar 14, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Funny thing is, since writing this I have made a total 180 on Blueblood. I honestly feel for the guy, at least my headcanon for him. He's an ass in the show, not my head.
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[narrator say's] "this is the story of a town to were no children are playing no car's are on the road and no one having fun the reason for it was because of a crazy drugged up marine who would shoot anything or anyone outside the majority of people he killed was 55 the town's people just stayed inside there house in fear of getting shot a dark fate of the town called cinosaur]
[cut's to a thirteen year old kid named jyde pecker lying in his bed while yawning say's]
"damn this is depressing can.t go nowhere the food is nearly gone almost all the drink's around here are turning dry but what can i do? i don.t wanna get shot nor do i want to die from lack of food! well let's see what's on tv!]
[jyde trie's to find something to watch when the marine was practicing his's shooting one of the bullet's flew right of the window and bounce of a car mirror and a airplane and hit's jyde's tv cable's witch knock's them down to the ground and jyde's tv went to static and he say's]
"you gotta kidding me!? what the hell happed?" [jyde look's outside his window to find his tv cable's shot while getting a glaring look from the marine and he say's]
"crap! now what to do?"
[suddenly knock's are heard on jyde's door as he walk's to the door to find his 11 year old sister kimie knocking she say's]
"brrbrrrbrr im booooooooored! i need something to do! hey can i watch tv?"
[jyde say's]
"2 thing's one if your bored why don.t you just play a videogame or read a book? 2 that marine guy shot the cable's to my tv so no tv for me to!"
[kimie say's]
"well... that suck's! hmmm? wanna watch video's on youtube?"
[jyde say's]
[jyde and kimie are walking to their parent's room to find the laptop when kimie said]
"where's the laptop?"
[jyde say's]
"oh right it broke dang! so what know?]
[kimie say's]
"um can i have some money?"
[jyde say's]
[kimie say's]
"your a mean prick!"
[cut's to the marine scoping for thing's to shoot when he see a dog he shoot's it three time's one in the leg brain and butth#le and the marine laugh at the dying dog and say's]
"ah! the urge of killing small and defenceless creature but not as great as killing people!"
[the marine lean's outside of his window and yell's to neighbor hood]
"come out all of you! i need more thing's to kill! hahahahahahhahahahhahahahhahahah coward's! afraid of bullet's huh? no problem if you step outside i can plant one in your brain! hey kid's iv.e put candy on your lawn! step outside and you can have it! hahahahhahahhahhaha! o lord im insane in my brain!"
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"boy are you crazy! do you want to lose a hand or get killed!? if you do that one more time i.m going to punch you in the face!" [cut's back ack to jyde and kimie jyde say's]
"this is redundent! were going to lose our freaking mind's if we don.t get out here!"
[kimie say's]
"well what can we do? if we step outside were dead!"
[jyde say's]
"not unless we use armor to protect ourselves!"
[kimie say's]
"armor? we have armor?"
[jyde say's]
"well yes! remember that shield that you got for your birthday last month?"
[kimie say's]
"yeah! but what about the armor?"
[jyde say's]
"hmmm i know! wait here!"
[jyde run's to his room to get 2 armor suit's and come's back and say's]
"i new this these would come in handy!"
[kimie say's]
"where did you get these from?"
[jyde said]
[kimie say's]
"oh! that make's since! i think... anyway let's kill the marine!"
[jyde and kimie change into there armor suit's when their father jim was done trolling people on youtube he went upstair's to find his kid's acting weird he say's]
"soooooo what um what is this? you two playing extreme knight's or something?"
[kimie say's]
"no dad we dressed up like this so we would not get shot by the marine once were outside!"
[jyde say's]
"and going to kill him a become heroes in the town!"
[jim say's]
"... well ok then! carry on i will be in the basement masturbating to furry porn!"
[after jim said that he went back to basement and kimie and jyde have a disgusted look on their face's and [kimie say's]
"our dad is freaking gross and weird!"
[jyde say's]
"agreed! but let's focuse on the task at hand and go outside!"
[jyde and kimie are walking toward's the stair's when they hear a gunshot they rushed out of there house to see who got shot and turn's out it was a cat that got shot in the chest the smell of the cat's dead body made kimie puke when she was done she say's]
"hey jyde how come you didn.t throw up?"
[jyde say's]
"iv.e smelled worse but poor cat she never stood chance!"
[kimie look's at the cat's genitals and say's]
"um jyde? it's a he..."
[jyde say's[
"i don.t care really now let's forget about the dead cat whose body is getting eating by mice and continue to the marine!"
[while walking to the marine kimie say's]
"hey jyde?"
[jyde say's]
"yeah kimie?"
[kimie say's]
" 2 thing's 1 what do you plan use to kill the marine? and 2 how come he isn.t shooting at us?"
[jyde say's]
"well ether he's a sleep or he's praticing his shooting and also what i.m am going to use is um..."
[jyde see's a metal pipe on the ground and decide's to pick it up and he say's"
"with my trusty metal pipe duh!"
[kimie say's]
"not one of your better idea's huh? i mean a pipe really?"
[jyde say's]
"shut up! before i bash your face in!"
[kimie say's]
"i have no comment to that statement"
[as jyde and kimie continue walking they see stream's of blood on a tree jyde walk's up to the tree and put's his finger's on it and sniff's it and he say's]
"hmmm this blood is warm meaning it happen 20 minute's ago but i wonder who died?"
[as soon as jyde look up at the tree a dead bodu fall's right on top of him he scream's like a little girl he pushes's the body off of him and he say's]
"what the hell was a corpse's doing in a tree!?"
[kimie say's]
"don.t know but you might wanna check the letter on her boob"
[jyde take's the letter and read's what's on it and he say's]
"living in this town is a grief of pain and despare as my family died because of that bastard marine! i see no reason for living anymore so i climb ontop of the this tree and blew my brain's out but if anybody is reading this don.t look for my dead body because i.m just not worth it"
[kimie say's]
"wow... just wow"
[jyde say's]
"gee depressing sadness no more will power to keep living hmmm..."
[kimie say's]
"are we still going to kill the marine jyde?"
[jyde say's]
"yes kimie we are onward toward's him"
[as kimie and jyde arrived at the marine's they both looked at each other and nodded as they went inside they saw the head's of all the people the marine killed year's ago they brushed the image off and went up to the top of the tower they burst through the door surprising the marine he say's]
"well well well want me to kill you in my tower huh? well take this!!!"
[the marine grab's his gun and start's pointing it at them when kimie say's]
"jyde! the pipe! use the pipe!"
[jyde reache's for his pipe and rushe's to attack him but get's knocked on his back when the marine say's]
"that's it! you two are starting to annoy me! time to end this once and for all!"
[the marine pointed his gun at jyde and then he shot a bullet witch bounced off jyde's armor it hit his tv and table and then flew right into his heart jyde and kimie take this chance to push him out of the window the marine say's one last word's while falling]
"fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck yooooooooooooooooooou!!!!!"
[and then his body fell to the ground making a huge thug sound kimie look's down and say's]
"i feel sorry for who has to clean that up!"
[jyde say's]
"finally! the people of cinosaur can go out and live their live's to the fullist"
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